Tweeter Waveguide, Acoustic Directivity Adapted to Psychoacoustic Tweeter Waveguide

Unlocking Consistent Directivity with ReShape© Phase Plug Technology

Phase Plug

We’ve developed a FEA-optimized phase plug technology called ReShape©. This innovative design allows tweeters to achieve consistent directivity (controlled sound dispersion) within OS horns.

Beyond Phase Shields: True Plane Wave Radiation

Unlike a simple phase shield, ReShape© doesn’t use and rely on diffraction to achieve constant directivity.

It transforms the tweeter’s radiation into a plane wave, similar to a 1-inch compression driver, or 1.4" for 29mm tweeters. This allows the tweeter to operate effectively even beyond its natural radiation angle, adapting its coverage pattern to listening distance, resulting in superior control over sound dispersion.

Benefits of ReShape© Phase Plug Technology:

Elliptical Full Transition OS for Tweeter with phase plug

This design utilizes a 1-inch OS horn with a 90° x 60° coverage angle (other options are also available).

Elliptical transition from throat to mouth solve the negative effects of cross wavefront syndrome, a phenomenon that can cause unnatural sound coloration and inconsistencies in power response in high frequency.

The polar response respect optimal psychoacoustic performance as recommended by Dr. Floyd Toole, directivity should increase gradually from a certain point in the high frequencies.

The 15 and 17cm with full return side by side: Reshape WG
Attach system: Somasonus polar

It use an ogive and a special form bellow it, not visible on the picture, the load is specificelly “sent” where it’s needed due to FEA calculations and the add of the phase plug don’t add any accidents.

The SPL curve show a very smooth response without accidents and easy to filter (for a horn/Waveguide), as the waveguide have a constant directivity behavior it cannot be straight on axis, energy is not “create from nothing”, we distribute it and not waste it in a way.

90*60 waveguide: Somasonus polar raw    
100*70 waveguide: Somasonus polar raw    
SPL: Somasonus polar raw    


Using a real Phase Plug to tweeter need some requirements, on shape and more. The overall size of mooving materials is also important as it define the throat size start of the phase plug and influence the directivity end.

The best compromise, even in terms of pure performances and price is the SbAoustics SB26ADC or CDC.

A new generation of tweeters in TruExtend carbon has also emerged and allow more tweeter to be used when Beryllium tweeters tend to disappear due to some materials issues and increasing prices. Explaining why the Bliesma T34B is not available these days.

Scanspeak 1":

SbAcoustics 1":

SbAcoustics 1.4":

Mouting system is different on these tweeters and less easier than SB26 one, for first orders the tweeters will be ordered and shipped with the waveguide, if you already have a pair of these tweeters you can send us them instead.


On every horn the return is very important as we can see midrange narrowing and beaming article, our waveguide is shipped with the full return but it can be removed on request.

Solutions for Time Alignment with passive filtering (so no delay in DSP):

Easy Tweeter Mounting: The couple tweeter and ReShape phase plug section is designed to be easily installed through the woofer hole.



Price and size:

Every price is with Phase Plug, in two part, horizontal coverage can be 90 or 100° , that make more sense for a listening in a saloon even at short distance.

The horn can be provided with full return on 4 or 3 side for baffle integration and midrange narrowing & beaming removing.

: To order you can discover our horn versions and prices bellow then contact us here to proceed to payment and worldwide shipment.

5" waveguide (15cm) :

6.5"/7" waveguide (17cm) :

Recommended Woofer :

7.5" waveguide (19cm) :

Recommended Woofer :

For bigger sizes X-Shape Horn with Compression Drivers are advised.