Next Gen Bi-Radial Horn, state of the art 90° Horn.

Next Gen Bi-Radial Horn

This horn is our next-gen bi-radial horn with fins designed for 1.4/1.5" compression driver such as TAD 4002/4003, JBL 2450SL, 18Sound ND3N/4015BE.

The Constant Directivity control pattern is pushed upper in frequency thanks to a slight smooth pinch inside the throat adapter, super-tweeter is not necessary.

The horn respects Hypex formula surface law and has been designed with in-house FEA simulation.

How it sound ?

This family of horn has a unique way to distribute energy : Between two 90° constant horns, with and without fins, the one with fins will have constant energy level on +/-30° off axis when the other will be only on +/-15°.

It’s called Constant SPL behavior, as a result, in a room, it gives a natural sounding and listening sensation, this behavior cannot be reproduced otherwise.

Technically this behavior is due to the fact that each sector givens by fins are comparable as a horn on itself.

By the past there was down-size of fins usage on old design, it’s the reason why the numbers of fins, the global form and the throat adapter that we have here are not what we can see usually on Arai 480/290 or TH 4001.

Solving what we call the finger response.

That makes this horn the most complex of our horns but also the better sounding for mid-distance usage.

The measurements show a very good Constant Directivity behavior, with flat DI, the fall and deep at 15/16kHz is due to the breakup of the JBL 2450SL, not the horn.

A compression driver will loose his plane wave radiation behavior when the diaphragm breakup occur, creating a cancellation at a precise frequency on their polar map, it rise up after if enought energy is sent.

Measurement on a JBL 2450SL of the 44cm version, SPL and polar map :

Next Gen Bi-Radial
Next Gen Bi-Radial measurement

Here is the respon with ND3T, here you can choose the 1.5" throat adaptor + in house 1.4 to 1.5 adaptor or the direct adaptor

1.5 adaptor + specific ND3 adaptor to 1.5" (my personal choice) :
Next Gen Bi-Radial Horn
1.4 adaptor :
Next Gen Bi-Radial Horn

How it compet versus Arai A480, Arai A290 and TAD TH-4001 ?

Here is for comparaison the horizontal polar of A480 and A290 in the same condition.

The Polar is way improved on our next gen bi-radial:

We can see throat and fins reflections on Arai that we don’t have and also the famous midrange narrowing and beaming that is very present on arai and TH 4001 due mainly to the abscence of full return and old way to manage fins.

A290 (2" 64cm wide)
Arai A290 Horn polar
A480 (1" 44cm wide)
Arai A480 Horn polar
TAD TH4001 (2" 60cm wide)
TH4001 Horn polar



Usage for free-air, an in wall/in-box version exists.