ADAPT©, the next step of Constant Directivity

Modern sound systems have reached exceptional levels of fidelity, but one persistent challenge remains:

Achieving a consistent, and immersive listening experience with a faithful brain interpretation of the sound.

This is where ADAPT, for Acoustic Constant Directivity Adapted to Psychoacoustic Technology, comes in, introducing a new approach to horn and waveguide loudspeaker design.

Limitations of Traditional Loudspeakers

Conventional loudspeakers often exhibit varying directivity patterns across the frequency spectrum or don’t take into account how the brain naturally interprets sound.

This means the way sound disperses changes depending on the frequency and don’t take account of brain perception, making it challenging to deliver a balanced sonic experience throughout a listening space.

High frequencies attenuate and become more directional sooner than low frequencies, leading to uneven and incoherent sound coverage.

Why is consistent coverage important?

In real-world environments, sound behaves in two ways:

The critical distance that is not a single point, but rather a zone or region, is where the level of direct sound and the level of reverberated sound are equal or close to be.

For optimal sound experience, the ideal balance between direct and reverberated sound is around 50/50 or 60/40, it’s why our listening position should be inside the critical distance area.

Uneven coverage disrupts this balance, often causing an excess of reverberated sound, leading to muffled or distorted audio. This is why having the right uniform coverage adapted to our listening distance, even directly in front of the speaker, is crucial.

ADAPT technology addresses these challenges by focusing on achieving consistent directivity and respecting psychoacoustic principles, ultimately delivering a more balanced and immersive listening experience.

ADAPT: The Psychoacoustic Solution

ADAPT technology addresses this by focusing on three criticals areas:

Benefits of ADAPT in Practice

Transforming the Listening Experience


ADAPT represents a leap forward in loudspeaker technology and listening experience, delivering consistent fidelity, optimal intelligibility, and immersive soundscapes.

This is achieved by prioritizing both technical excellence and human auditory perception, recognizing the intricate connection between sound and human brain perception (psychoacoustics).