M-Shape, next generation modular big horn

M-Shape line up

The M-Shape horn is designed for powerful sound in expansive rooms and long listening distances. It boasts wide coverage (80° horizontal, 60° vertical) and utilizes X-Shape technology in the throat for optimal performance.

This innovative horn features a modular design for easier shipping and potentially lower costs. The throat (PLA or MJF, 1.4" or 1.5") comes in various options, while the profile is a simple curve sent as a digital plan. This allows for customization of the horn length (30cm to 200cm) without affecting price.

Key Benefits: cinema

The throat

Here in PLA, it can be in any color, PLA or MJF, 1.4" or 1.5":

M-Shape Horn
M-Shape 50 JBL-2450SL
M-Shape 50 18sound ND3TI

And the profile that is just a simple curve, to allow shipping the throat can be shipped alone with the plan, by email, of two simple curves (vertical and horizontal), that will give a profile fitting the provided throat.

Thanks to this shipping cost and price can be lower as if we do the entire horn, of course we can do the entire horn if needed.

There is no size limit, from 30 to 200cm, anything is possible, price is not dependent on size when the throat + plan is shipped.

Constant directivity without diffraction behavior and loading capacities

Here is the measurement for a 50cm version :

Measurements are from 300hz to 20kHz, with a 18Sound ND3T, the accident in HF is due to Ti diaphragm breakup, not to the horn.

M-Shape horizontal polar
Vertical: M-Shape vertical polar
Response (grey) and DI (red): M-Shape DI

Compared with other solutions like JBL 2360, Manta-Ray horn or first generation “CD” horns

We can compare it with some other big full range horn like the JBL 2360A or JBL 2365A.

The JBL 2360A was the last big representative in date of the big familly of Manta-Ray horn then Quadratic-wave and “CD” diffraction horns.

We can see midrange narrowing on this 2360, a lot of midrange beaming too and diffractions (dark red) from 1 to 15 Khz. All theses defaults aren’t present on M-Shape.

JBL-2360A Polar map


ADAPT PressureWave

Versions and price :

: To order you can discover our horn versions and prices bellow then contact us here to proceed to payment and worldwide shipment.

  • PLA Throat + one profile plan (any size): 280€/U
  • Painted black: +70€/U
  • Profile plan without throat if a size change is needed : 75€

  • Throat (black matt PLA, MJF on demand due to price fluctuation) + one profile plan (any size) for commercial usage: 560€/U
  • Painted black: +70€/U
  • profile plan without throat if a size change is needed: 150€