Dual woofer? MTM? 2, 2.5, 3 ways speaker?

MTM: A Trade-Off in Speaker Design

2.5 ways speaker

The MTM (Mid-Tweeter-Mid) speaker configuration offers advantages as high SPL capacties, but it also comes with challenges related to vertical lobing.

This article need a good comprehension about vertical lobing.

The Lobing Issue:

Placing two woofers in an MTM design increases the distance between their acoustic centers compared to a single woofer. This larger spacing can lead to vertical lobing, causing cancellation effects at certain frequencies, particularly when listening off-axis (from the side).

Here’s an image representing the difference in vertical off-axis response between a single woofer and an MTM design:

vertical lobs

Addressing the Issue in MTM:

While MTM presents a lobing challenge, there are ways to mitigate it:

Alternatives to MTM:

It’s important to consider the context when choosing a speaker configuration.


2.5 ways speaker

While MTM offers dispersion benefits, it comes with lobing challenges.

Carefully consider your listening needs and explore alternative configurations like 2-way with a subwoofer or 3-way systems depending on distance and SPL requirements.

If you’re set on MTM, a 2.5-way crossover might be a solution.