AudioHorn is a horn speaker design office and manufacturer located in Europe.

We manufacture Horn Speakers by studying your need.

Audio Project

We design Constant Directivity Horn with your context and propose the best solution.

FEA Engineering Design

All of our horns are Constant Directivity horns optimised with in-house FEA simulation.


We produce horn and speakers with different materials and techniques.

All of our horns use our ADAPT technology, allowing a natural sounding thanks to an optimal and constant sound wave radiation.

Next Gen Bi-radial horn, state of the art 90° Horn.

Worthy successor of Arai Horns and TAD TH4001, it's a fully modern new conception for 1.4" and 1.5" compression driver, optimized at the mouth, the fins and the adaptor during FEA calculation.

It has unique constant SPL behavior on +/-30° off axis thanks to fins when a traditional horn is SPL constant on +/-15°.

The Constant Directivity behavior is pushed higher, definitely suppressing the need of super-tweeter.

Discover our Next Gen Bi-radial Horn

X-Shape, next generation waveguide.

X-shape use FEA simulation for bring a new typology of horn allowing a Constant Directivity behavior on both axis.

X-shape, comparing to OS horn, have a true loading capacity allowing low x-over.

Used for midrange listening distance and monitor studio depending to choosen coverage.

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M-Shape, Modular long range big horn.

An X-Shape throat shipped with or without wood profile of any size, walls can be used as profile extensions.

Long range listening distance usage.

Perfect for Home-cinema usage. Can be use in-wall or with complete return

Discover our M-Shape Horn

OS Horn, Oblate Spheroid with optimized end of profile.

Constant uniform psycko acoustic directivity coverage angles and throat from 1" to 1.5" on demand.

FEA driven end of profil for removing the midrange narrowing.

Addapted for free-air usage.

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