Constant Directivity AMT Waveguide

Mundorf U series AMT Waveguide

AMT WaveGuide

The mundorf U series is the new lineup of Mundorf AMT, reducing the maximum model range of AMT tweeters which cover all possible applications in home and studio audio application.

The waveguide is suitable for no “with faceplate” AMT version :

The waveguide is directly mounted on the AMT. Width and coverage are completely on demand.

An AMT cannot be crossed very low so the waveguide is generally not very big and must be coherent with the chosen crossover and mid (6.5 or 8" generally) used below.

Unlike a planar ribbon tweeter, the AMT’s diaphragm has a bellows-like pleated shape. Using a folded sheet of polyethylene terephthalate film with metal etching, the AMT moves air sideways in a perpendicular direction.


Price and size:

As example, for U110 90°, 20*22cm raw PLA : 115€/U.

Finish on demand.