ReShape Phase Plug: A Technical Deep Dive into our Phase Plug Technology


Phase Plug

ReShape© is a phase plug technology developed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to optimize the directivity of tweeters and dome-shaped midrange drivers.

Unlike phase shields, which rely on diffraction for some directivity control, ReShape© employs a more sophisticated approach as compression driver phase plug does.

Constant Directivity for Horn Designs:

Traditional tweeters exhibit inconsistent directivity, especially at higher frequencies. ReShape© addresses this by shaping the sound wave to achieve a constant directivity profile within specific horn designs, such as Tweeter OS horn.

This ensures consistent sound radiation across the intended listening area.

Beyond Diffraction: Plane Wave Radiation

Phase shields utilize diffraction to manipulate directivity, but this can introduce coloration and inconsistencies.

ReShape© takes a different approach, similar to compression driver phase plugs.

It allows the tweeter to function as a plane wave radiation device. By shaping the wavefront, ReShape© promotes the emission of a more uniform sound wave, leading to improved clarity and control.

Extending Tweeter Capability:

ReShape© allows the tweeter to operate bellow its typical radiation angle (around 120°).

This translates to a further usable listening distance by restricting waveguide coverage regardless of the listener’s position, without creating accidents of diffractions,

Minimizing Unwanted Effects:

ReShape© ensures accurate sound reproduction, free from artifacts or harshness caused by diffraction or standing waves phenomena.

This meticulous design results in a directivity performance comparable to high-quality 1-inch compression drivers.

Tailored Design for Optimal Performance:

ReShape© is meticulously recalculated for specific tweeter models, adhering to our ADAPT principle principle. This ensures perfect compatibility and optimal performance within your chosen audio system.