Constant Directivity Tweeter Waveguide, the monitor studio with wavefront shaper.

ReShape ©, our Phase Plug technology

Phase Plug

We have developed a proprietary Phase Plug technology in FEA, ReShape©, in red on the picture.

It allows any tweeter to be really constant in terms of directivity in an 100° OS based wave-guide.

This phase plug is more efficient than a simple phase shield, it re-shapes the wavefront and allows the wave-guide to be constant in a OS waveguide, there is a “path” inside the plug, the exit is in white on the picture upper.

He is recalculated by tweeter, for now available for the SB26ADC but will be available for other bigger tweeters.

The wave-guide is directly machined inside the front panel, then the tweeter is connected to front panel with MJF 3D printed end of wave-guide with phase plug.

The transition from round throat to rectangular mouth passes by all states of the Ellipse, at a “speed” define by FEA.


An 100° horizontal coverage gives a usage close/medium range listening distance. The maximum SPL of a tweeter can also be the limiting factor.

Mid-woofer and wave-guide size advice:

6.5" waveguide :

7.5" waveguide :

8" waveguide :

10" waveguide (30mm tweeter) :