OS Horn, Oblate Spheroid with optimized end of profile.

Oblate Spheroid Horn Horn OS if for Oblate Spheroid, the Geddes formula with coverage on demand.

Available in many forms:

Elliptical free air, rectangular in-box, rectangular in-wall.

Features :

FEA Elliptical transition

The full elliptical transition, from the round throat to the rectangle mouth, passed by all states of the ellipse formula, with a speed lead by FEM simulation.

Hyperloaded-OS ©

A specific curve, Hyperloaded-OS © can be done on demand, it will improve the load ability of OS horns.

Here with an elliptical mouth or directly milled in baffle:

Oblate Spheroid Horn Horn
Oblate Spheroid Horn Horn


OS horn are flexible, as we can choose the coverage angle it can be uses at close to medium range listening distance. The Hyperloaded-OS © give the loading ability but the Bi-Radial or TH-4003-NG will still be better on this point.