TH-4003-NG, recalculated and optimised TH-4003

Legacy : replaced by Grand Cinema

History and Usage


The TH-4003 is the king of in-room long range listening distance, generally in-wall or inside huge system.

It’s a specific 1.5" horn design for the TD-4003, the best beryllium driver.

The coverage is 80° by 30° and the surface law an Hypex 0.7 with a simple relatively constant side walls.

It has been designed for Cinema with bleacher, it’s the reason why the vertical bottom coverage is not the same that the top one, TAD call it APAXIAL.

The picture is the last HC room of Roland Delacroix, one of the worldwide expert in private hi-end cinema. He uses a custom TH-4003 with a TD-4003.

The first line of seats is at 9m (30 feet) and last one at 20m (60 feet) distance. The TH4003 is in a very large horn system design for in-room very long distance with high SPL.


We have developed a model that allows to generate TH-4003, and we have taken the advantage to optimise some aspect :

An Apaxial TH4003 NG with a throat optimisation :


Usage and dimensions:

The default Fc is still 350hz and the dimensions are close (62cm width), with a recommended 700hz cross-over for high level SPL application.

Mounting in-wall or in-box medium/long distance. As for the original TH-4003, it’s designed for more than 5/6m (16/20 feet), with 1.4 or 1.5" drivers mainly.
It can load everything that is a plane wave radiation device, so even a JBL CMCD 8" in a 3 ways system for a very long distance usage, after 10m (30 feet).

For medium distance the Bi-radial horn will be better thanks to a 90° coverage angle and a specifics energy distribution inside this coverage.