Loading and Acoustic Impedance

Acoustic Impedance and Efficiency

A horn can increase the acoustic impedance seen by the compression driver, allowing it to operate more efficiently at low frequencies. This means the driver can produce the same sound level with less movement of its diaphragm.

How a Horn Increases Efficiency at Low Frequencies

The loading of a horn depends on several factors, including:

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

Think of it like this:

Important Note:

It’s important to remember that this principle primarily applies to low frequencies. At higher frequencies, the horn’s effect on impedance matching becomes less significant, and other factors like diaphragm size and material come into play.

More informations about global energy in horn: Horn and energy

A point about Constant Directivity Horns:

As energy is not “free”, a constant directivity horn cannot be straight on axis as the energy is dispashed off axis to be constant, that we need, so the on axis response will show a bell response curve.