Constant Directivity Ribbon Waveguide

Viawave SRT, The Sealed Ribbon Tweeter

AMT WaveGuide The Viawave SRT technology has been tested by tested by HifiCompass.

The SRT way to allow us to continue the profile very soon, the horn began virtually directly on the planar moving surface of the ribbon.

The Faceplate is removed and the waveguide continue the SRT exit angle to 90°, or 80° on demand.

Unlike an Air Motion Transformer (AMT), the planar ribbon tweeter features a flat diaphragm design.

How it work from Viawave :

In a conventional cone or dome speaker, the sound emitter is a cone or dome. The emitter receives acceleration from the voice coil, which is in a magnetic field.

An alternating current is passed through the voice coil, the coil oscillates and transmits force to the radiating element. In a ribbon speaker, the voice coil and transducer are one piece - a conductive ribbon.

Suitable Ribbon :

The GRT-145W (“W” for build in tiny waveguide) and the SRT-7 have a special rear chamber that allows a lower cutt-of.

As we don’t need the tiny waveguide of the GRT-145W and the fact that the GRT-145 “non W” haven’t this special rear chamber, the best candidate for this usage is the SRT-7.


Price and size:

As example, 90°, 20*22cm raw PLA : 115€/U.

Finish on demand.