What is Constant SPL?

Here we will talk about an even more complex behavior on horn, inside a coverage angle, for example 90°, how the energy is distributed ? More precisely, the energy is constant in frequency but how fast this energy goes constantly down inside the 90° ?

Well not in a uniform way even in a Constant Directivity horn, when we move off axis the energy lost it’s not linear, it’s a little bit exponential.

Let’s analyse an OS 1" horn, every colored line is the response each 15° relative to the 0° in black :

ideal CD

We can see that the 15° is almost on the 0° but not the 30°.

A horn with fins like our Next Gen bi-radial horn doesn’t have this behavior, on all this kind of horn the 30° is almost on the 15° and the 0° and the position of the 45° is where the 30° is on the OS horn, it changer everything.

In one word the energy is way more concentrated on +/-30° when on a horn without fins it’s +/-15°.

The two horn are CD horn but one is more efficient in term of constant SPL, the listing experience is a step up with these kind of horn, and very well adapted for mid-distance listening in room.